The Lüm Way

Say goodbye to the old way of wireless. Lüm Mobile has a new way of doing things with no monthly plans or billing dates. You just:

Tired of losing your unused data? As long as you keep your membership active, your data won’t expire. Buy and use data whenever YOU need it. It’s that simple.

Ways to save with a Lüm Membership

  • Never lose data you’ve paid for
    Unlike providers where you lose unused data at the end of your monthly bill
  • No unexpected or pricey overages
    Because you don’t have a monthly limit to stay under
  • Always full speed
    No data caps or throttles that slow your speed down
  • Only pay for what you use
    Don’t pay for extras like unlimited calling or voicemail if you don’t need them

Lüm Membership

Membership means access to great rates on data that never expires – powered by SaskTel’s wireless network

Step 1: Choose your membership

Use auto-pay for worry free membership renewals

3 months

or Lüm for longer for better value

1 year
See what’s all included with membership
Step 2:Add your data

Keep your membership active and your data never expires! Keep it until you need it. When you run low, recharge data from the Lüm Mobile app.

2 gb
6 gb
14 gb
25 gb
50 gb
95 gb

With Lüm, there are no charges for minutes or messages: just megabytes (MB).
Calls and texts come out of your data balance. That’s how we do things at Lüm - we think that if you don’t make calls, you shouldn’t pay for them, either.

1 MB of data = 10 outgoing texts (from Canada to Canada, U.S. or Mexico)  
1 MB of data = 1 minute to talk anywhere in Canada  (from Canada to Canada, U.S. or Mexico) 

That means with just 1 GB you can talk for 8 hours AND send 5,000 text messages!

Step 3 (Optional):Add Unlimited Talk & Text if you want to!

If you want to keep it old school, great! Add the Talk & Text add-on to your Lüm membership for unlimited talk and texts from within Canada to anywhere in Canada or the U.S. The Add-on will renew with your membership (unless you choose to remove it).

3 months
1 year

   Plus taxes

 Add Voicemail if you need it!

If you want voicemail, you can add that to your Lüm membership too! Securely store up to 25 messages and check them anytime from your cell phone, or a landline phone - on your schedule. The add-on will renew with your membership (unless you choose to remove it).

3 months
1 year

   Plus taxes

Price calculator

Check out our calculator to see what Lüm will cost you and compare to what you pay today.

Mix and match! Choose different memberships and data amounts depending how much you want to spend. If you want the best value for your money, a 1 year membership and bigger data amounts will save you more in the long run.

Share your love for Lüm and save!

Have a friend sign up to Lüm and you both save $25! Get your referral code from your myLüm account and share the code with your friend. They use the code to save $25 on their first purchase, then you automatically save $25 on your next membership renewal (if your friend doesn't cancel within 15 days after activating).

It's our way of saying thank you! Full details in the terms below.

Refer a friend today!


Lüm Mobile is totally digital - that means payment is too. We accept payment by credit card or most Mastercard/Visa debit cards. For ultimate convenience and uninterrupted access, set your account to auto-pay to automatically renew your membership and recharge data when you need it. Notifications can be set to remind you about auto-pay so you don’t get surprised!

If you’re more budget-conscious, we hear you! You can set your data to recharge on a calendar date or even choose to leave auto-pay turned off and control your payments manually.

Take Lüm with you!

You can Lüm all over the U.S. and Mexico—don’t forget to send us pictures!

Travel data works the same way as all your other data: buy more as you need it and save anything left over for your next trip! Your travel data is yours as long as your membership is active.

Need to make calls or texts? You can!
1 MB = 1 minute  
1 MB = 1 text  (incoming texts free)

Become a member today!

Lum Mobile is 100% digital self-serve. Download the Lüm Mobile app to sign up and get started.

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What do you want to know?

You know Costco? Where you buy a membership to get access to great things? What a great idea! Lüm membership gives you access to buy data that never expires at great rates on a trusted network. Plus you get everything you need to get your service up and running at no extra cost- your SIM card, activation and phone number (new or bring your own). Did you know many providers charge for the SIM and up to $50 for activation fees alone?

You also get free call display, unlimited incoming texts and access to call forwarding, call waiting and three way calling.

Lüm offers 3 month and 1 year memberships. When your current membership reaches its end date, you can renew with a different membership term.

Yes! You can add the Talk & Text or Voicemail add-on anytime during your membership. If you get the add-on partway through your membership term, the price you pay for the add-on will be reduced to match the amount of time left on your membership.

You can cancel your membership at any time but we do not provide refunds.  
If you choose to cancel your membership, you will lose any remaining data.  

Auto-pay lets you set automatic payments to renew membership and recharge data. Auto-pay can also be turned off for either membership renewals or data recharges. You decide how you want to manage things! Service notifications will let you manage helpful reminders like when your data is running low, membership is nearing expiry, or an automatic payment is about to be charged. 

Are you ready to Lüm?


When signing up for service, you must agree to the Lüm Mobile Terms of Service and the Lüm Mobile Privacy Policy.  
Prices do not include GST or PST. 


- Included in your membership is: 

- the option to purchase Canada Data and Travel Data
- a phone number or moving your existing phone number from another provider, 
- service activation with no additional charge
- one SIM card or eSIM with your first membership
- unlimited incoming text (SMS) messages, and 
- Call Display and access to Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, and Three-way calling. 

- Membership purchase does not include data.  
- You must purchase Canada Data with your first membership purchase. 
- Memberships auto-renew with current in market pricing to help you avoid losing your data balance.  You can opt-out of membership auto-renewal in your myLüm account. If your membership  expires, your account will be suspended, and you’ll lose access to wireless services through Lüm.  
- Memberships can be cancelled at any time, but no refunds will be provided. All purchases for Lüm Mobile are non-refundable. 
- The membership fee does not include 9-1-1 fees or taxes. 

Use and Data Charges 

- When you talk, send a text message, or use data, the applicable data cost is deducted from your data balance unless you have the Talk and Text add-on. 
- Calls and text messages made while using Wi-Fi Calling are charged the same as all other calls and text messages. 
- Your data balance does not expire while you have an active membership, but once a membership expires, any data remaining expires 60 days after your membership end date. 
- When you are getting close to using up your data, we will send you a notification (unless you choose to opt-out of the notification). If you run out of data, you will not be able to use any services.  If you run out of data, 9-1-1 calls can still be made. 
- Data purchases cannot be transferred to another customer. 

Canada Data 

- Auto-recharge can be turned on in your myLüm account to automatically purchase data for you when your balance is close to running out
- If you have data set to auto-recharge, it will automatically purchase data at the current in-market rate. 
- When you talk, send a text message, or use data while in Canada, the applicable data amount is deducted from your data balance. For more details see Terms of Service

Travel Data 

- You can purchase Travel Data to roam in the U.S. and Mexico where service is available.  Data purchased for Canada cannot be used in the U.S. and Mexico Travel Data:  

- may only be used outside of Canada;  
- cannot be transferred to the Canada data balance; and 
- is non-refundable. 

- Every time you talk, send a message, or use data, the applicable cost is deducted from your Travel Data balance.  Outgoing text messages are deducted from the data balance at a rate of 1 MB per message.  All incoming and outgoing calls are deducted from the data balance at a rate of 1 MB per minute.  MMS messages are deducted from the data balance based on the actual size of the picture or video. 
- The Talk & Text add-on does not include calls made and messages sent while roaming outside of Canada.  
- Travel Data cannot be set to auto-pay. 
- If you purchase $100 in Travel Data in any 30-day period, you will be required to consent to purchases over $100. 

Talk and Text Add-on: Optional 

- The Talk & Text add-on includes unlimited outgoing calls and messages while you are in Canada to Canada and the U.S. 
- It also includes incoming calls and text messages while you are in Canada from Canada and the U.S. 
- The Talk & Text add-on does not include calls made and messages sent while roaming outside of Canada. Picture and video messages (MMS) are not included in the Talk & Text add-on.  
- The Talk & Text add-on will automatically renew when your membership auto-renews, and you will be charged the current in-market rate.  You can cancel the Talk & Text add-on at any time but it will not be refunded.


Voicemail Add-on: Optional 

- Voicemail boxes can store up to 25 messages. Messages can be up to 3 minutes in duration.
- The voicemail service add-on will automatically renew when your membership auto-renews, and you will be charged the current in-market rate.
- You can cancel voicemail service at any time, but it will not be refunded.
- You are responsible for protecting your mailbox by regularly updating your password.
- Calls into the voicemail service from your Lüm phone are not deducted from your data balance.


9-1-1 Service 

- A 9-1-1 fee applies to all memberships purchased for Lüm Mobile.  The fee is an amount we must pay to the 9-1-1 service operator for 9-1-1 to work on your phone. 
- This fee will be charged in addition to the membership fee whenever a membership is purchased. 
- The 9-1-1 fee is charged for the total number of months that your membership is valid.  
- If your membership is cancelled, any unused portion of the 9-1-1 fee over $5.00 will be refunded back to the payment card on your account. 
See 9-1-1 Limitations.



New Customer Offer 
- Offer available to "New" Lüm customers. "New" Lüm customers are defined as a customer that has not had a Lüm Mobile membership in the past 6 months. New Linked accounts are eligible if the linked account is a "New" Lüm customer. 
- "New" Lüm customers receive up to an $96 discount off their first purchase. The discount is automatically applied. The total invoice can be reduced to $0.26 by the applicable discount. A total invoice can be $0.26 but not less.  
- The promotional discount can be applied to any membership and data purchase available to new customers at the time of the offer.  
- The promotional discount only applies to a purchase with Lüm – it has no cash value and will never be refunded as cash in the event of cancelling service.
- Offer can be combined with Refer a Friend offer. 
- Offer available until July 23, 2024 only. 
- Offer is subject to change or may end at any time. 


Refer a Friend  

- "Existing" Lüm customers can share their referral code with a friend to refer them to Lüm. A customer is "Existing" if they have purchased / have an active Membership. 
- "New" Lüm customer (that cannot already be an active Lüm customer) uses the referral code to redeem the promotion. 
-  New Lüm customer must apply referral code during their first membership purchase and will save $25 on the first purchase. New customers can save a maximum of $25 with the promotion.
-  After New customer successfully receives promotion, the Existing customer automatically saves $25 off the price of their next membership renewal.  Existing customers must renew their membership before it expires to receive their promo. If Existing customer lets their membership expire – they cannot receive the referral promo until a future renewal where membership is renewed before it expires. Keep auto-pay on for membership renewals to guarantee referral savings!  
Existing customer can refer up to a maximum of 2 friends and receive two $25 discounts for a total savings of $50 off their next membership renewal. 
- Existing customer that refers more than 2 friends cannot carry-over extra/ additional referrals to their next membership renewal.
- After a membership renewal, Existing customer referral count goes back to zero, and are eligible to keep referring & again receive up to two $25 discounts (for a total of $50) off their next membership renewal.
Existing customer cannot refer the same friend multiple times.
- The promotional discounts only apply to a purchase with Lüm – it has no cash value and will never be refunded as cash in the event of cancelling service.
- If the New customer purchases service but then cancels their service within 15 days – the Existing customer will not receive the promotion.
- Promotion is subject to change or end at anytime.


Getting Started 

Eligibility for Service 

- Customers must reside in Saskatchewan and have a billing and shipping address within the province to sign up for the Service. 
- You must bring your own phone. 
- Your phone and its software must meet minimum Lüm network standards.  Our network standards will be updated sometimes, and you may no longer be able to use the service without - upgrading your software or phone.