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October 23 - 3 min read

Our Commitment to the Environment

Our Commitment to the Environment

Our name, Lüm Mobile, was inspired by illümination and we've made it our mission to shed some light on change for wireless plans, and for the environment.  

Lüm may be a small group (a total of only 9 full-time employees!), but we’re serious about environmental sustainability. It’s not just a thing we say; it’s the way we do business. Our small environmental footprint starts with our digital-only service model.  

We don’t operate any physical storefronts that have always-on overhead lighting, heating, or air conditioning. We operate out of a small collaborative workspace where we prioritize eco-friendly actions like turning lights off when not in use, recycling any paper waste, and we even have an office compost to reduce food waste. 

We don’t send you endless paper bills or contracts because you can manage everything in the Lüm Mobile app. As far as our product goes, the only physical part of our product is the SIM card. To help compensate for the impact our physical SIM cards have, we include a packet of locally sourced native wildflower seeds for you to plant. We recognize the production and transportation logistics of our SIM cards do have an environmental impact and we’re working diligently to launch eSIM as soon as we can, to fully eliminate any product waste. 

And since we don’t sell phones, we won’t nudge you to get the latest model when you still love the one you have. E-waste from cell phones often contains hazardous materials like lead and mercury, which can lead to soil and water pollution if not disposed of properly. Our friends at Sarcan Recycling across the province accept all kinds of electronics and ensure that they are responsibly recycled, recovering the precious resources that our electronics are filled with. 

Our team is committed to the local environment too. We love finding ways to make our lives and our world greener and more sustainable, through planting wildflowers, recycling, choosing sustainable products, and a ton of other small actions that lead to bigger change. Sometimes the easiest place to start making a difference is our own backyard. The Lüm team volunteers multiple times a year with local organizations to make a meaningful impact on our community. We’ve hosted bottle/can recycling drives and donated the funds to Waste Reduction Council Saskatchewan. We’ve gotten our hands dirty helping Nature Regina at their Native Pollinator Prairie Garden at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum. And we’ve helped Habitat for Humanity prepare for winter by organization and sorting donations at their facility. Are you hosting or volunteering for a greening event in your community? We’d love to hear about it! Send us a message on social media and maybe we’ll show up to help (no promises!). 

We also recognize we have a digital platform on social media, and we are committed to using our voice to share valuable information about how you can protect the environment and make eco-friendly choices every day. We share monthly “green” tips on ways to responsibly recycle and compost, how to make your home more eco-efficient, and small swaps you can make to reduce your impact like using dryer balls instead of dryer sheets. 

Join us in making smart environmental choices, taking small steps to improve our world, and doing your part to ensure our planet is sustainable for years to come. 


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