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We're inspired by illümination and here to shed some light on change. As a Lüm member, you get incredible value and control of your wireless service. We're 100% digital self-serve so you can manage everything at your fingertips keeping our environmental footprint small. No monthly bills, only pay for what you use and full speed data that never expires. It's a new way to do wireless!

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Fully online

100% online and self-serve. Service at your fingertips from the Lüm Mobile app.
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Buy a Lüm membership to access great rates on data that never expires.


Always get full speed data without throttles on Canada’s largest network.

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You bring the phone, we bring the data. Check your phone now to make sure it will work with Lüm.
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Pay with credit card or most Mastercard/Visa debit cards. Use auto-pay for automatic and convenient payments.
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Online help

Help is available online! Check FAQs, chat with Lümbot or ask questions and find answers in the Member Forum.

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Lüm Mobile is 100% digital self-serve. Get the app to do everything at your fingertips and on your schedule. You’re in control, with the tools to easily monitor your usage and manage your spending.

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We care about the environment

We’re serious about environmental sustainability. It’s not just a thing we say; it’s the way we do business. We keep our environmental footprint small with a digital only service model. With Lüm there are no storefronts with always-on overhead lighting or air conditioning. If your phone is eSIM capable, there is no physical part of our product. We don’t send you endless paper bills or contracts because you can manage everything in the Lüm Mobile app. And since we don’t sell phones, we won’t nudge you to get the latest model when you still love the one you have.

Our team is committed to the environment too. We love finding ways to make our lives and our world greener and more sustainable, through planting wildflowers, recycling, choosing sustainable products, and a ton of other small actions that lead to bigger change. Sometimes the easiest place to start making a difference is our own backyard.

Join one of our green initiatives or share what’s happening in your area.

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