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We do things differently to save you money. Being a member means you get amazing rates on data that never expires - seriously, never! No monthly bills, only pay for what you use, best speed all the time and you manage everything online. Plus we're powered by Canada's largest network. With Lüm Mobile, different is better! Sign up and start saving today!

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Membership means never losing your data

Tired of losing your unused data? That will never happen again – Lüm Membership means access to great rates on data that will never expire.

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No throttles on a trusted, reliable network.

Lüm Mobile is powered by Canada’s largest network . You get the best speed all the time because we will never throttle or slow down your data.

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Fully digital and always online

Lüm Mobile is 100% digital self-serve. No more waiting in-line or on the phone - you can manage everything at your fingertips.

Use the Price Calculator to check how much you could save.

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We’re serious about the environment and sustainability, and we know that small actions add up to big change. Join one of our activities to help the environment or share what’s happening in your area—together we can make a difference!

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